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cod. 0VS-06WA-DVX
6X W/A Adapter DVX100/100A
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                    Aboutthis item

Ideal for shooting situations in which zooming isn't needed. The .6X attaches tothe front of your video zoom lens for 40% wider angle of view and minimal distortion.

Itallows partial zooming up to mid-range while in Auto Focus (loses focus beyond 5X).The resulting focal length is 2.7-13.5mm with a 84°-21° horizontal angle of view).

Comesin the popular Bayonet Mount that attaches with a twist to the front of your DVX10010X lens.


Technical Specs

Description: .6X Wide Angle Adapter w/Bayonet Mount

Focal Length: 2.7-13.5mm

Aperture: f/1.6

Horiz. Angle of View: 84°-21°

35mm Still Equivalent: 20-100mm

Comments: Partial Zoom (5X) in auto focus only

Dimensions LxW: 95mm / 3.8" x 22.45mm / .884"

Weight: 7oz (199g)