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cod. EW-7303APN
Access Point/ Range Extender WiFi n150 Outdoor 12dB
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High Speed Solution Boosts Coverage and Signal Strength
TheEdimax EW-7303APn is a high speed wireless broadband range extender/access pointthat complies with wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards and provides wireless outputpower of 100mW. With such fine-tuned high performance*, the EW-7303APn is trulythe best choice for a cost-effective, long distance data transfer solution.

Easy Installation
With a robust and slim design, the EW-7303APncan be installed on a wall or pole in any location and its light weight makes itideal for almost any conditions or circumstances. Installation is simple - thereis no need for professional help or knowledge to set up the EW-7303APn.

Multiple Operation Modes
In addition to easy installation,the EW-7303APn Outdoor Range Extender/Access Point can be configured to operatein four modes: Access Point (AP), Client Mode, Wireless Distribution System (WDS)with AP, or pure WDS. These settings provide versatile solutions to a wide rangeof wireless applications.

Outstanding Antenna DesignEdimax understand that the performanceof outdoor solution relies heavily on the antenna design. Edimax developed the 9dBi directional panel antenna in collaboration with a renowned Taiwanese high-techcollege, using the latest technology in the wireless field and vast industrial experience.The fine-tuned antenna not only increases the transmission range but also stabilizeswireless signals - providing the highest quality for long distance data transferapplications.

Web Configuration
The access point/extender can be configuredextensively through the user friendly web browser interface.