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cod. BWC07X86B-EX1
0.7x Broadcast Wide Angle Converter Lens
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The Cavision BWC07X86B-EX1 0.7x Wide Angle Converter Lens is a full zoomthrough broadcast class converter lens featuring a bayonet mount that's compatiblewith Sony's PMW-EX1. It's also features a clamp-on design that's designed to workwith cameras that feature an 85/86mm outside diameter on their existing lens (requiresoptional pressure ring). In addition, the wide angle coefficient is 0.73x, whichdelivers a 27% wider angle than your stock lens, and it's multi-coated.



Provides a 27% wider angle of view than main camera lens alone; this optimizes theimage in small spaces and will add more to the image when reproducing wide vistas.


Full Zoom Through

This broadcast device allows for zoom through focus capabilities; this allows forthe user to critical focus on subject and maintains focus at all points within thelenses zoom capabilities.             


Mount Options

The 9586 clamp-on mount provides easy and quick attachment to your existing cameralens with an 85 to 86mm outside diameter (requires optional pressure ring/modelCR95-85). For fast and secure attachment capabilities, it also comes with a bayonetadapter for the Sony PMW-EX1.             


Back Mount

Back mount: combination EX1 Bayonet Clamp and 9586 Clamp-on Mount.            


Other Notables

• Multi-coated

• Aperture: no light loss
• Angle of view for 2/3" at 8mm: 75°/1'x 63°/33'
• Focus: same as usual
• MOD: 0.15 m
•Format: 1/2" or 2/3" SD/HD
• Construction: 3 groups, 3 elements            




Type: Wide Angle Converter Lens        

Application: Wide Angle Adaptation        

Class: Broadcast        

Format: 16:9 and 4:3 for all chip sizes        

Lens Mount: Combination EX1 Bayonet Clamp and 9586 Clamp-on Mount        

Mounting: 85/86mm Clamp-On (requires optional pressure ring/model# CR95-85)Bayonet Mount for PMW-EX1      

Zoom Through: Yes        

Magnification: 0.73x        

Aperture: No Light Loss        

Suitable Focal Length: 2/3": 8mm and Up        

Converted Focal Length: Not Applicable, Depends on Camera Lens        

Angle of View: 2/3" at 8mm: 75°/1' x 63°/33'        

Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.): 12" (0.3m)        

Construction: 3 Groups, 3 Elements        

Filter Size: 117mm        

Dimensions (LxDiameter): 4.7 x 2.5" (120 x 69mm)        

Weight: 1.9 lbs (865g)