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cod. AR124NPD
4 Channel All-Chemistry Charger
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Model 9793

4 x NP1 pockets

4 x PP90 connectors


Dimensions: 78 x 142 x 240mm

Weight: 1.07kg


PAG AR Series 2 Specifications

Range of Batteries Charged

> PAG Lithium-Ion batteries

> Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries of reputable manufacture having nominal voltagesof between 4.8V and 14.4V, and nominal capacities of between 1Ah and 10Ah

> Nickel-Cadmium batteries having nominal voltages of between 4.8V and 14.4V,and nominal capacities of between 1Ah and 10Ah


Battery Connections

> PAGlok Connector: patented, professional connector compatible with all PAGlokbatteries. Incorporates self-cleaning military-type beryllium-copper leaf contacts

> NP1: Polarised connector suitable for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH NP1-type batteries. Incorporatessuperior blade-type beryllium-copper contacts

> PAG Snap-on compatible: PAG patented sliding connector suitable for PAG Li-Ionbatteries (Models 9366 & 9383) and most Anton-Bauer batteries (not Dionic)

> PP90 connectors: polarised connector suitable for 2.1mm coaxial DC power connectors.NOTE: centre pin negative


Main Charge Program

> Auto Mode: automatically selects correct charge current

> Manual selection: 2A, 3A or 4A charge current

> Li-Ion voltage-charge program: only available with PAG intelligent batteriesor suitable PAG intelligent adaptor. PAG intelligent batteries automatically over-ridethe Auto Mode or Manual selection, and control their own charge regime


Discharge-then-Charge Program

This program discharges the battery, automatically determining the fully-dischargedcondition, and then fully charges it. The discharge capacity and the subsequentcharge loaded into the battery can be displayed on the screen.


Recovery Charge

This special program conditions the battery for a period of one hour. The chargerwill then automatically enter the main charge program, which will run until thebattery is fully charged. This program also recovers PAG Li-Ion batteries whichhave been over-discharged to the point where the internal safety protection circuithas tripped.


Maintenance Charge

A self-adjusting Maintenance Charge may be automatically entered after charging(not applied to PAG Li-Ion batteries).


Self Test Program

The internal microcomputer constantly monitors the battery under charge or processas well as he operation of the charger’s own functions which will be shutdown to a safe condition should any of the tests fail.


Mains Input

90-139V or 140-270V ~ autoselected. Frequency 47-63 Hz. Maximum power consumption120W.


Output Protection

Charger protected against short circuit, open circuit, excess battery voltage andreverse battery voltage.


AC Mains Failure Protection

Should mains failure occur during a charging program, or whilst the charger is connected,it will shut down to a safe condition.



Designed to comply with electrical safety standard BS EN 60065. NOTE: U.K. mainsleads are fitted with a 1" fuse to BS1362 rated 5A as standard.


European Union Directives

Complies with the following EU Directives: EMC Directive 89/336/EU. Low VoltageDirective 73/23/EU.