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cod. 0DS-55WA-58
55X WA Revers Adp. 58mm
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                        The .55x Reversible Wide-Angle Adapter is the first dual purpose lens accessory.When attached to the lens front in one direction, the .55x performs like Century'sother high quality wide-angle adapters, offering a significantly wider angle ofview, with minimal distortion. Used with the Sony VX-1000, the .55x provides a horizontalviewing angle of 73 degrees (93 degrees measured diagonally).

When you want to go "wow-em" wide with a fisheye effect, simply remove the .55xoptical element, flip it around, and thread it on the other way. Voila! It becomesa fisheye adapter. Oriented this way, the .55x provides a wider angle pronouncedbarrel distortion. When used as a fisheye adapter on the Sony VX-1000, the 55x offersa horizontal viewing angle of 92 degrees and a diagonal viewing angle of 115 degrees.

The Digital Series is a family of high quality lenses available in a screw-on versionwith 58mm threads for use on camcorders and palmcorders, like the Panasonic AG-EZ1or the AG-456. Step-up rings are also available for adapting to even smaller lensfronts.

With Century Precision Optics' range of video lens accessories, you can capturea stunning panorama, zoom in on a postage stamp or reach across a stadium to geta close-up. Many shots that would have been impossible to execute, or required prohibitivelyexpensive specialized lenses are now possible, using your own lenses. By choosingthe right tool, you can alter the optical characteristics of your lenses to dramaticallyexpand their range and usefulness and capture imaginative new perspectives. Centuryproducts are found on the world's best optics, including Angenieux, Canon, Schneider,Fujinon and Zeiss. So, for answers to everyday optical problems, as well as creativesolutions for unusual shooting dilemmas, look for a Century Precision optical tool,and expand the flexibility of your Video system.