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cod. UAP-AC-M-5
AP UniFi AC Mesh 802.11AC Indoor / Outdoor 5 Pack
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The UniFi AC Mesh AP provides simultaneous, dual-band, 2x2 MIMO technology and isavailable in single- and five‑packs*. Compact Form Factor The UniFi AC MeshAP discreetly integrates into any environment. Weather-Resistant Enclosure The UniFiAC Mesh AP can be used indoors or outdoors. Versatile Mounting The UniFi AC MeshAP can be mounted on a wall, pole, or fast-mount of a Ubiquiti high-gain antenna.(All accessories are included.) Multiple Power Options The UniFi AC Mesh AP is compatiblewith 802.3af PoE Alternative A and 24V passive PoE. You can power it with an802.3af Alternative A compatible switch, EdgePoint™ EP-R6, UniFi PoE Switch,or the included Gigabit PoE adapter*. Antenna Options Use the included omni antennas,or use the included fast-mount adapter to install the AP on an optional connectorizedantenna for expanded range coverage and customized pattern shaping. * Five-packsdo not ship with PoE adapters; we recommend powering the UniFi APs with the UniFiPoE Switch instead.